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Ukraine Aid

The George and Annette Bell Foundation were delighted to sponsor Rae Logistics who teamed up with Van-Aid to help support a Humanitarian run across to the border of Poland and Ukraine.

Van-Aid was founded after the terrible events in Ukraine unfolded and it was clear that rapid, targeted aid was needed to support the people living there. Millions have fled and many millions remain, with their infrastructure and supply lines destroyed. Refuges are housed anywhere and everywhere with well over 2.5 million displaced souls now living in Poland. One monastery has received over 1000 women and children.

Van-Aid worked very closely with Polish communities to get the aid where it needed to go. They also arrange with counterparts in Ukraine to come across the border, meet and tranship loads on to their vehicles, to go direct into Ukraine.

The team set off on the 1st of April and had a successful journey, covering well over 2800 Miles – what an amazing thing to do, well done to all involved.

Alliance Homes, Tamar Wellness Centre

We recently completed work on the garden area of Tamar Wellness Centre, a day centre for local people [up to 20 per day in non-covid times] who are diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s .

The space was in desperate need of a makeover, and we were pleased to help.

The Centre offers a range of social activities and provides unpaid carers with much needed respite from 24/7 caring responsibility.

The regeneration of the raised flower beds has provided space for outside activities and some gardening, a place for patients and carers to engage with each other, create meaningful activities and increase happiness and wellbeing.

The space will be a place to relax and reflect with the benefit of being outside.

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